Swim Dynamics Expert Swim Coaching

Expert Swim Coaching for Pool and Open-water in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire (and soon Cambridge!)

I help swimmers to realise their ambitions in the water whether it’s to enjoy the benefits of cold water immersion, learn to swim or improve their long distance swimming.


We all have the ability to swim. Our bodies are naturally buoyant because of the air in our lungs which lifts us to the surface naturally. But as water is nearly 800x more dense than air, the human body faces far more resistance in swimming than in walking or running. Overcoming this resistance is the key to swimming, whether your goal is to get outdoors in your local loch or river, swim fast in your next triathlon, or overcome a fear so that you can swim confidently on holiday or in your local pool. Swimming is not only a great form of exercise, it brings many physical and mental benefits to those who do it.

NEW! Swim Coaching at Jesus Green Lido, Cambridge

Swim Dynamics is proud to announce it will be providing cold water introduction sessions as well as adult frontcrawl coaching at Jesus Green from October 2021. At 91 metres long the lido is one of the longest pools in the country! It is heated only by solar gain and temperatures can dip below 5 degrees during the winter months.



“Taking a break from competing this year, it has been really good to still attend Emma's squads to keep my eye in and maintain swimming fitness. The regular discipline of a weekly squad has been really good, and being in a group and with a supportive coach means that I practise drills that I'd never be able to do on my own in a million years! The sessions are always fun and I always leave the pool feeling glad I went. Hope to see you soon Emma!.”

– Sarah