Swim Dynamics Emma MacDonald Swim Coach

About Emma MacDonald

Swimming is so many things for so many people and that’s what makes it unique and special. For me it’s where I go to de-stress, to put things in perspective, to disconnect from the daily routine. It always takes me back to my childhood: to the pool in our backyard where we’d swim from dawn to dusk coming out at dinner time with wrinkled hands and slightly sunburnt noses!

“For me, it’s all about the breath – it’s probably the closest I get to meditation.”

Some people hum to themselves when they swim, some recite song lyrics. For me it’s all about the breath - it’s probably the closest I get to meditation. There is an innate sense of freedom and exhilaration when we are in water and this has never been more important than during this pandemic when our freedom has been so restricted.

Swim Dynamics Emma Macdonald

My sessions are tailored to the individual - even the group sessions feature individualised coaching. I want my swimmers to enjoy their swim and to get out of it what they intended. I make sure I always listen first to what the client wants - I never steam roller in with what I think the session should be. There is no one size fits all and the client knows better than anyone what they are looking for. My job is to gauge what their body is capable of once they put into practice the correct technique and understand the mechanics of swimming. My biggest passion is helping people see how much enjoyment they can get from being in the water. It’s a place we can all go to decompress and disconnect from every day stresses.

Having been a swimmer all my life I fully understand the ways our bodies behave in the water and am able to translate that to my swimmers. I empathise with the challenges that swimming can present and help individuals overcome them.



Swim Smooth Coach – Herts and Beds 2015–2021
Level 2 STA Open Water Coach
Level 2 ASA Swimming Teacher
Level 1 British Triathlon Coach
RLSS & First Aid Qualified

I've been swim training with Emma for nearly two years and have seen my swim times tumble and my stroke improve dramatically. I would recommend her coaching to beginners and competitive swimmers alike. Emma plans her swim sets around the needs of the swimmers attending her sessions and aim to get the best out of all of us. I am now nearly 4 minutes quicker over 1900m than I was two years ago thanks largely to Emma's coaching. Since starting training with Emma I've twice qualified for the GB middle distance triathlon age group team and now, instead of being one of the last out of the water, I'm right in the middle of the pack. I hope Emma continues her Saturday morning swim squad for many years to come!