Cold Water swimming

 Woburn Lido

Jesus Green Lido (Cambridge)



Beginner Cold Water Inductions

These are ideal for beginners who are apprehensive about dipping or swimming in cold water but are keen to try it! In these sessions we cover the safety considerations for cold water dipping and swimming which include how to enter the water safely, acclimatisation and the importance of rewarming correctly after your swim. We spend between 15 and 20 minutes in the water depending on the water temperature. A general rule of thumb is one minute per degree. The benefits of cold water immersion include significant increases in dopamine levels, a boost to our circulation and a general improvement in our overall well being (hence the elation you see in people afterwards!).


Cold Water Training


Studies show that the consistent practise of swimming in cold waters significantly reduces tension, fatigue and pain and improves our general well being. These group sessions are typically between 30 and 45  minutes' duration and are ideal for building swim fitness and helping swimmers to prepare for events such as Channel swims, distance open water swims and triathlons. Sets include a mix of technique drills, speed, endurance and open water skills such as sighting and drafting. Wetsuits are recommended in temperatures below 14 degrees.

Woburn Lido: £10. (Includes pool entry fee).

Jesus Green Lido: £10. (Includes pool entry fee).

Super session this am! Still grinning 😁 Great intro to cold water swimming - how to prepare, what to expect when in, how to plan getting out, what not to do. Def hooked and looking forward to a lake swim Thank you Emma 😊



So pleased that I booked onto the beginners course, concerned on the frosty morning & the feeling of being in cold water, but I enjoyed it so much & felt amazing to try cold water whilst wearing a woolly hat! Thank you to Emma for supporting us & giving lots of reassurance on how to enter cold water. The Lido is run very well & friendly staff. 😁



Had a super time today, thanks Woburn Lido for running this and to Emma for her excellent coaching.