Swim Smooth Stroke Correction Clinic with Emma MacDonald
A date for the next Swim Smooth clinic is tbc.


Venue: St Albans School

Time: 12–4pm


Want to understand what's really holding you back in the water and how to take some large strides forward? Our quarterly half-day swim workshops are perfect for triathletes and open water swimmers who are looking to identify areas in their stroke that are holding back their swim progression.

A Unique Service Every Clinic features our premium service: advanced video analysis & stroke correction. This service is completely unique to Swim Smooth and our coaches: you won't find a service of this quality or effectiveness anywhere else in the world. The session is suitable for any level of swimmer or triathlete from complete beginner, through intermediates up to top age-group and elite competitors.

Expertly filmed by your SS Coach in high definition, you gain an incredible insight into your swimming – you get to see your stroke from every conceivable angle, from above and below the water. With numbers limited to 6-8 swimmers, you receive individual feedback and understand ways to improve your stroke.

The day includes classroom time and two sessions in the pool where we film you and run through a full stroke correction session. We will look at a range of elite swimmers, understand what effective swimming is all about and how to improve your own. There are also group-learning opportunities as you have the opportunity to see the analysis and discussion of other swimmers in the group.

COST: £135pp

9 week squad come-back programme!


Venue: Inspire, Luton Sports Village

Time: 7am

Date: tbc

Calling open water athletes and triathletes!

When it comes to becoming a better swimmer, your stroke technique is very important but so too is your fitness. Without a good level of swimming fitness you won't be able to sustain your stroke technique over distance, leading to that horrible feeling of your stroke 'falling apart'.

CSS stands for 'Critical Swim Speed' and closely equates to your continuous 1500m pace in race-like conditions. It's an excellent measure of your current level of aerobic fitness. It can be estimated by doing a 400m Time Trial and a 200m Time Trial and comparing the two. Put very simply, the 400m swim assesses the aerobic / endurance component of your current fitness and the 200m swim assesses the anaerobic / sprint component of your current fitness.

So how much improvement in your threshold pace (a key determinant of your endurance ability over any distance >400m) is possible over a given time frame like 10 weeks? Swim Smooth Perth ran a little project where all swimmers had their CSS adjusted per 25m by 0.5% every week to help control their pacing accuracy. I will keep the results a secret until we have done ours!

If you are up for the challenge you will need to come to the 7am session at Inspire every week for 10 weeks from September 14 when we will run the first 'benchmarking' session. The success of this project relies on consistent training – this session every week and one or two sessions on your own.  Training the 3 key areas: fitness, technique and open water skills are essential in order to make improvements in both your form and your swim fitness. 

What if I swim in the squad and don’t want to do it?
That’s fine! No pressure. You just carry on attending as normal.


Am I good enough?

You should have a proficient level of frontcrawl and be able to swim 400m continuously. This is the first benchmark time we take. Don't worry about being too fast or too slow - everyone will be working off their own threshold pace and the lane will be organised accordingly i.e. the faster swimmers at the front.

How do I sign up?
Click the link below to buy the weekly silver membership for £8 per week.

Beginners Frontcrawl Clinic
Next course date tbc


Venue: St Albans Boys' School

Time: 10am - 12.30pm or 1.30 - 4pm

 In this session I help you learn good freestyle technique in a friendly environment, within a small supportive group. I limit the groups to 8 swimmers so that I am able to spend quality time with each of you, providing immediate feedback. We look at all elements of the stroke:
Breathing Technique
Body rotation
Catch & Pull
Leg kick

The pool is 25m and housed in a beautiful, modern facility within the boys school of St Albans. It is rarely busy so you will feel quite comfortable and relaxed. There is ample parking and clean changing facilities with showers.

If you are completely new to swimming and would like to build your water confidence and/or help getting over fears and anxieties, I would recommend you book my Water Confidence Course. 

If you've learned in the past and need a refresher on new techniques why not try our Improver's Front Crawl course which is slightly more advanced.

COST: £50pp

Intensive Improvers Frontcrawl Clinic
next clinic date tbc


Venue: St Albans Boys' School

Time: 10am - 12.30pm or 1.30-4pm

Spaces are limited to 10 swimmers in order that each swimmer receives individualised coaching and feedback throughout the course.

 Courses need a minimum of 5 swimmers to run. 


During the courses we look at several key areas in the stroke:

Bilateral Breathing and Exhalation

Rotation - how much is enough?

Arm recovery - Swinger or Smooth?

Proper hand entry

Good alignment and preventing crossovers

Catch mechanics and pulling through more propulsively

How to achieve a streamlined body position

What an effective kick looks like for triathletes and swimmers

Distance freestyle swimming technique & swimming continuously

Beginner Swimmer?

If you would like to learn front crawl from scratch try one of our Beginner Frontcrawl Courses.


Advanced Swimmer?

If you would like a more tailored and in-depth analysis of your stroke, then our premium 75 minute Advanced Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session is well worth the investment.

COST: £50pp



Perfect for a fellow triathlete, that special 'hard to buy for' person or even yourself this Christmas!


If you have questions or would like more information please contact:


Emma MacDonald

07770 483063


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