Frontcrawl for Beginners & Improvers

Year round Inspire LutonJesus Green Lido (Cambridge), Woburn Lido

May–September Box End

Beginners (121 and Group)

For beginners who want to build water confidence and learn good freestyle technique: breathing, rotation, buoyancy, flotation, catch, pull and kick. A 121 is advisable if you know you have specific goals and/or are limited in time as these sessions are intensive and we cover a lot of ground. If you like the idea of sharing the limelight with others then you would enjoy the group session. Groups are limited in number to ensure I am able to spend quality time with each of you, providing immediate feedback. 

Improvers (121 and Group)
We continue to look at and further develop these core elements and look at more advanced stroke technique: stroke rate, stroke length, adapting your stroke for pool vs open water; open water skills such as sighting and drafting; and the different ways to train.

Wetsuits are recommended in water temperatures below 14 degrees.

1-2-1 sessions: £60 per person (1 hour)

1-2-2 £90 per person (1.25 hours)

Adult Learn Frontcrawl Course: £150 per person (3 x 75 minute sessions) 

Before my first beginners lesson with Emma I could swim a length front crawl - but I was exhausted once I had reached the end of the pool and had to stop to catch my breath for a while. I couldn't understand why as I run, cycle, play sports and have a good level of fitness. Emma examined my stroke and quickly worked out what was wrong (pretty much everything!). Over the ensuing weeks we did drills and I learnt how to swim front crawl properly. She is patient but demanding and really got the most out of me. A few of months after my lessons finished I went on to complete the Half Ironman in Weymouth - in no small part thanks to Emma!