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Exclusive Cold Water Swimming

at Woburn Lido

with Emma MacDonald


We have seen more and more people turn to cold water swimming particularly over the last 12 months as a result of the pandemic. For some, it’s just about getting back in the water, no matter how cold. For others it’s about actively seeking out the cold – the colder the better!


Whether you're a regular cold water swimmer or it's something you'd like to try, this is a great opportunity to dive in!

Swim Dynamics has been offered exclusive use of Woburn Lido until pools re-open in May 2021!


Why cold water swimming?

  • It's good for your health – much needed after months of lockdown

  • Swimming outside with others provides community and can be of great comfort to those suffering from depression or feelings of isolation

  • These early weeks of outdoor swimming will help us acclimatise and get us swim fit for the 2021 season.

Want to take part?


For more information or to join us for this unique opportunity please contact:

Emma MacDonald


07770 483063


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